Cellphone charger supply for bicycles



Since 1985 we have been active in research and development of electronic Systems. We supported our customers throughout the complete development cycle for all relevant technologies, especially field programmable gate arrays, from system design to development of hardware and software, and series productions of hardware assemblies. Field programmable gate arrays offer wide-ranging possibilities for rapid prototyping and extensive signal processing and are attractive platforms for fast development of complex digital circuits.


2015 we start up a new company (commercial register HRA 8306 HL) to promote and distribute our own developed bicycle smart power. Our business is establish as SCHIRMER electronic-design located in Oldenburg in Holstein. The founding members are Bärbel Hoffmann and Rainer Schirmer (CEO).


Our Product “Bicycle Smart Power”:


The ultimate smartphone holder and battery charger for your bicycle 


The miniaturized bicycle-USB-electric power supply "Bicycle Smart Power" (BSP) converts the AC voltage from the hub generator to 5V-DC voltage and charges the connected smartphone/iPhone/navigation system via USB-port. Therefore, the smartphone/iPhone/navigation system is supplied by the user ‘s biological power. Pedalling above 3 Watt charges the phone and independent from electric circuit. The efficiency of the energy conversion is about 95%, for this reason bicycle lighting can be used simultaneously with cell phone charging. The sustainable power generation by the BSP is also a safety feature, since the smartphone remains charged and ready for use while cycling. 


The intelligent overvoltage protection circuit is switched on only when required; therefore, the cyclist is minimally stressed. 


The BSP is equipped with novel smartphone holder, intended for simple and safe handling. The smartphone is held securely by a magnetic foil. 




Made in Germany